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Linen MilkPaint
Linen MilkPaint
Linen MilkPaint
Linen MilkPaint
Linen MilkPaint

Linen MilkPaint

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The subtle warmth of this sweet cream is woven all throughout, just like the fibers of rustic linen fabric. It's lighter than Marzipan and doesn't have the same nutty almond tones. Linen reminds us of being wrapped in your coziest lambswool sweater, snuggling into your favorite upholstered chair, and the worn pages of an antique copy of your favorite book.
MilkPaint™ can be applied to any porous surface without a primer. For adhesion to previously finished surfaces, sand with medium grit paper prior to application. For additional adhesion, add MilkGrip™ bonding agent. Shake bag to evenly disperse the pigments prior to mixing.

-Clean project thoroughly prior to painting with soap and water
-Mix equal parts water and milk paint powder
-Stir and allow to rest until pigments are fully dissolved
-Test before using to ensure the pigments are fully dissolved
-Adjust consistency as need by adding more water or powder
-Continue to stir throughout to prevent settling of pigments
-Dry time is approximately 30 minutes
-2-3 coats may be required for desired look
-For smoother finish, let dry and lightly sand with fine grit paper
-Remove dust prior to applying finish
-MilkPaint™ requires a top coat for durability
-Top Coats will deepen the color when applied
-Refrigerate sealed container of excess mixed paint for up to 2 weeks