Marian Parsons Feels Like Home Hardcover Book

Marian Parsons Feels Like Home Hardcover Book

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Imagine walking into a home that was designed, built, and decorated just for you. As you look around the house, every detail feels homey and personal—it reflects your particular style. From the architectural statements in the entryway to the finishing touches in the master suite, the wants and needs of you and your family are brought to life here. This home fits you like a well-tailored suit, and yet is as comfy as your favorite pair of pajamas. As you exhale deeply and settle onto the sofa, you realize this is your dream home. This feels like home.

What would that home look like? How would it feel to live in this perfectly customized home?

Okay, let’s set this imaginary dream home aside for a moment, because the truth is that most of us will never have a home that fulfills 100 percent of our wildest wishes and desires. Even custom homes are usually based on floor plans that weren’t designed specifically for you, but for someone like you. And even homes that are designed from scratch for an individual usually end up having one thing or another that doesn’t look or function in actuality as it promised to on paper.

Thomas Jefferson, who famously designed his own dream home, Monticello, made many major and minor modifications to it over a period of forty years. Forty years!

So then, is the perfect, customized, bespoke home an elusive dream?

I propose that a bespoke home, a house that feels more like home than any other place in the world, is a process, not a destination. It’s not all about aesthetics and architecture, but about the feeling the space evokes.

You can inspire your home with your character, personality, and charm. I’m going to teach you what I have learned over the years and share how I’ve transformed my 2004 builder-beige suburban house into a home that feels like ours.

Are you ready to join me?